Why did I choose YAI?

Although my family has faced many challenges throughout the years, my little sister Stacey is one of the greatest gifts & blessings of my life.

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Growing up with a physically and intellectually challenged sister was no easy feat,


but my incredible mother, a single parent living in NYC, managed to find the strength, courage & determination to fight hard to make sure her daughter had everything she could possibly need from incredible health care to proper education to extra curricular activities and so much more! She’s pretty much Super Woman and I’m so proud to have her as my mama!



Throughout the last 25 years, YAI, an organization which empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has provided such incredible and imperative services to Stacey from nutrition, physical, occupational and speech therapy, to psychological testing, behavioral management, family support conferences, family reimbursement and more! This only scratches the surface of YAI’s mission and the services they are so eager to offer those with disabilities no matter where you or any individual facing both physical and mental disabilities may fall on the spectrum.


YAI is an organization that hits so close to home and so close to my heart.

I’m so incredibly proud to announce that 10% of all TST x CFSC sales will be donated to YAI.org to thank them for their graciousness and for all of their support to my family and families all across the U.S. & Puerto Rico!




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Because I have Stacey in my life I’m more well-rounded, understanding, compassionate and driven. Because I have Stacey as my little sister I feel whole and have learned to love unconditionally.

I wouldn’t trade her or the last 25 years for the world!

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Please visit YAI.org for more info & learn more about how you can contribute to such an important cause!