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January 24, 2018

A gift that changes lives by capturing & containing love and positivity. ✨

Receiving my very own Little Love Jar is a moment I will never forget.

You see–featuring Little Love Jar as one of our W.O.W. features was definitely scheduled on the calendar, but what I hadn’t planned for was coming home to my very own jar!

After a long, stressful week that left me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious, I came home to a jar filled to the absolute brim with beautiful messages of love, support & encouragement from friends, family and vendors from our pop-ups (aka my sisters!)! In my true perfectionist form, I initially thought I’d wait until the next day to film myself opening my Little Love Jar, so I’d have all of that gorgeous natural light pouring in (perfect for filming!), but the truth is–I just couldn’t contain myself & really could have used a little pick me up that night.

I grabbed my iPhone & decided to go live on Facebook, hoping that my friends & family would be able to join in & be a part of this super special moment. While the quality isn’t the prettiest, this moment was so real, authentic & raw. I laughed & cried (oh! I cried sooo many tears) as I read each individual message & reflected on the memories shared. I knew how powerful & profound the gift of receiving a Little Love Jar was from hearing stories & reading testimonials from those who had been gifted one, but experiencing my very own jar firsthand was one of the most moving experiences of my entire life. I had never ever, until that very moment, felt such overwhelming love & appreciation. It was the medicine & reassurance I needed to pick myself back up & keep pushing forth with my dreams!

*These photos were taken before receiving my own jar! It was so fun going through messages that had been sent to previous LLJ recipients!

So, what exactly is Little Love Jar & how does it work?

“The one gift that never gets regifted” 🙂

The concept is simple, the process organized & elaborate and the end result is absolutely priceless.

A business built out of pure heart, passion and the desire to spread kindness, Corrin Madden, founder & owner of Little Love Jar, is on a mission to spread so much goodness, positivity & love among us all one Little Love Jar at a time! She created Little Love Jar as a way to celebrate others, and harness the incredible power of love. 

She does this by putting together the most thoughtful jars overflowing with up to 175 personalized messages from friends & family to be delivered to the recipients doorstep and her attention to detail does not go unnoticed!

From sending you an individualized link to her website that helps you gather everyone’s messages in one steady stream, to implementing kindness control (no bad vibes here!), to updates & reminders along the way, Corrin has created a system that simplifies the process and takes minimal effort on the senders end!

Once all messages have been received, Corrin prints out each message on beautiful paper built to withstand time, individually cuts out each love note, places them in the jar, lovingly seals the jar with a sprinkle of positive intentions & off your Little Love Jar will go✨ 

Attempting to pull off this type of gesture on your own can be extremely time consuming & headache inducing, but Corrin takes all of the guess work out of the process for you and will have your gift ready to go in as little as 12-days!

*Watch the video above for an overview of Little Love Jar & witness the power of love ?

Little Love Jar’s serve as an amazing gift for birthdays, but they also serve as the perfect gift for:

  • Weddings- I do… want to give the greatest wedding gift of all time. 
  • Teachers- Because they deserve more than an apple. 
  • Healing- Comfort and support those going through a difficult time.
  • Military- Serve those who serve us.
  • Graduation- Empty nest. Full Jar. Feel connected from afar. 
  • Holidays- Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day (coming up!), New Year’s, and on and on! 
  • Just Because- share your appreciation for the ones you love any day of the year.


Corrin has received some of the most AMAZING testimonials from those who have received one of her Little Love Jars (totally worth reading!) & shared a few stories with me that nearly moved me to tears!

A couple of stories that truly touched my heart:

  • Attending career day at her son’s school and having his classmates write messages to one another reminding them that they have the most important job: learning how to be a friend, how to be kind and take care of one another! She then collected each message & created a jar for each student that was gifted to them before they graduated & went off to middle school 
  • Creating a jar for a friend who wasn’t given much time to live. Corrin rallied up friends & family to collect messages of love, healing & positivity for him to read, enjoy & experience before he passed away. One year later, on Father’s Day, a Little Love Jar was gifted to his children compiled of other people’s stories & memories of their father as a way to connect with him, learn more about him and keep his memory alive ❤ This story gets me every time.


Receiving my very own Little Love Jar was profound & validating on so many levels!

The fact that every person who contributed to my jar took time out of their day to each send me a note of love & encouragement (and sometimes two & three!) made me feel so extremely loved & special. 

There were heartwarming messages from people I would have never expected to receive such wonderful messages from! This made me realize that we often hold back on sharing how we truly feel when it comes to verbal communication and that it’s sometimes easiest to express ourselves to others when putting pen to paper (or in this case, typing your message & submitting them online). If these sentiments wouldn’t have been captured by Corrin & Little Love Jar, I may have never have known!

Words, which can seem so simple, are so incredibly impactful & have the power to connect, uplift, empower & heal!

This is a gift I will hold close to my heart, revisit in times of need & treasure forever.

I mean it when I say this:

Little Love Jar IS the best. gift. ever.

Special thanks to Corrin Madden, a literal angel on Earth, for spreading so much love, light & positivity in times of dire need and for being the heart behind my very own Little Love Jar.

Take care of eachother, loves!

(and give the gift of a Little Love Jar 😉 )




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