#HERSTYLETHEORY: Laurel Creative

December 5, 2017

#HERSTYLETHEORY: Laurel Creative

Lauren Listor is the genius behind most of the photos you see on The Style Theory. Lauren is a great example of hard work paying off. Between working as a graphic designer, shooting bloggers and weddings, she was able to take on Laurel Creative full time.

Hi, everyone! I’m Lauren Listor.

I own and operate Laurel Creative, a wedding and fashion photography company. I got my start in photography by taking portrait photos of my twin sister and other classmates in my high school classes. A few senior portraits turned into a few weddings and my client base grew to what it is today! With lots of hard work (and a lot of hustling) I managed to take Laurel Creative full time this past July!

Prior to taking Laurel Creative full time, I was working as a part time graphic designer in NYC while growing my business on the side. I would head into NYC and shoot a fashion blogger before work at 7:30am, go to work from 9:00am-2:00 pm, and afterwards fit in two more fashion shoots. Not to mention, I was also shooting weddings on the weekends! I worked my butt off (and kinda making myself go a little crazy), but those long days are what grew my business to where it is right now. I made it one year with this schedule, and then

I took the plunge to being my own boss!

I’m fortunate that I am able to photograph both weddings and fashion. I adore weddings and the amazing love story behind each “I do”. I love being a part of the planning process, giving advice to my brides, and becoming a friend to my clients. With fashion, I love photographing fashion bloggers in the creative and bold outfits they put together. I’m constantly being inspired by the creativity that my fashion clients have! 

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with all of my clients and to feel the genuine sense of community with one another. With shooting fashion bloggers, I’ve entered this support system of women who are constantly cheering each other on. We all truly want each other to succeed and be the best boss babes we can be. This hustle is real for all of us and we can’t do any of this without encouragement from each other.

I couldn’t be more excited to see how Laurel Creative grows and evolves in the next few years!


Website: LaurelCreative.net | Instagram: @laurelcreative | Facebook: Laurel Creative

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