Women-Owned: Cut From The Same Cloth

November 22, 2017

With the amount of talented women I feel so lucky to have fostered relationships with throughout the last year & even more that I have yet to discover, I knew I had to get a series on TheStyleTheory.com going to truly spotlight fellow female creatives & entrepreneu-hers to share their brilliance with the world.


A visionary & storyteller in her own right,

North Carolina based designer Lauren Remesi of

Cut From The Same Cloth 

carefully selects fabrics of cotton, silk & denim, and dreams them up into gorgeous, often out-of-the-box silhouettes to tell a narrative of edge, elegance & whimsy with each & every collection she handcrafts.



Cut From The Same Clothes newly launched AW17 “Unity” Collection speaks volumes to our vision & mission at The Style Theory.

Infused with so much girl power & inspired by the many injustices that are very real & present for us today, Lauren managed to find the beauty & unity that can form when we stand up & join forces in a society that is being driven apart based upon culture, race, class, religion & sexual orientation.



“I wanted to create a military inspired look to create a military of “unity fighters”.  I, of course, brought some bohemian/folklore touches into it and decided to make it light and brighter than Autumn/Winter tends to be in juxtaposition to the heavy military vibe. “


The storytelling element doesn’t end in the completion of each garment, which is produced completely in-house in Lauren’s Concord studio. Lauren takes it one step further with her AW17 collection, naming each piece after women who have fought for unity, equality, and social justice throughout history.

Alice Paul //
The leader of the most militant wing of the women’s suffrage movement
Lili Elbe // 
Danish painter who was one of the first transgender recipients of gender reassignment 
Rosa Parks //
“the mother of the freedom movement” civil rights activist
Gloria Steinem //
 American feminist and social political activist
Ida B. Wells //
Crusading journalist and anti-lynching activist


Styled in this post: CFSC Lilli Midi Skirt, Alice Tie Blouse + Gloria Denim Coat

Slipping into the Lilli Midi Skirt, Alice Tie Blouse & Gloria Denim Coat with the amazing women this collection is inspired by in mind, was a beautiful reminder to fully embody the powerful, heart-centered, change-making woman I strive to be and that we all truly embody.


CFSC AW17 “Unity” Collection available at CutFromSameCloth.com


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