Easy like Sunday Morning

August 20, 2017

The Fifth Label Chelsea Dress & Moon River Frayed Distressed Denim Jacket

Happy Sunday morning, beautiful ❤️

I hope you’re taking time to yourself this morning to relax, refresh & recharge!

Afterall, “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!”
(it’s funny because I read “content” as “con-tent” as I wrote it out. oh, this brain just loves work-mode!)

This morning I gave myself permission to stay in bed longer than usual while in a meditative state, got out of bed, kissed my boys good morning, sipped on a cup of joe while catching up on YouTube videos and now I’m about to slip into something casual, cute & comfortable, get a little work done for tomorrow to ease my mind a bit & tonight I’m headed Brooklyn to support my theater friends and catching one of their shows! ?

Giving myself a little self-love & self-care this morning is setting a positive tone for the rest of the day (and, the rest of the week!), which is so important when my list of “to-do’s” is at an all-time high & boss lady Lisa needs to show up as her best self.

Whether it’s a “go for a run & tidy up”, “brunch & mimosas with gals” or “binge watch Netflix & ‘add to cart‘” kind of Sunday, I want you all to make a conscious decision to make your soul happy today! You’ll thank yourself for it later! ? ?


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