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June 7, 2017

Happy Wednesdays, lovelies! It’s time for Lisa Loves

where I share my favorite anythings & everything’s of the week!

In today’s post we’ll be chatting:

Trader Joe’s Sweet Plantain Chips with Salsa Autentica |

Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Cleanser + Glow Tonic To-Go |

ChilledCow Lo-fi Hip Hop Live Stream Playlist

| Trader Joe’s Sweet Plantain Chips |

with Salsa Autentica

Since moving to NJ my appreciation for Trader Joe’s has skyrocketed! I’ve become such a fan and am always on the hunt for whatever products are new in store!
I’m not sure how new this product is because it could potentially be a seasonal item, but GOSH DANG, their Sweet Plantain Chips are OFF THE HOOK!
(I ate an entire bag within the last 24 hours and I’m finishing up the crumbs as I write this)
Sweet, crispy and crunchy in all the right ways, plus there is absolutely no sugar added, this is a great and satisfying alternative to your standard potato chip.
If you’re ready to have you mind blown and you love a great sweet & spicy combo, I DEMAND you dip these delicious plantain chips into Trader Joe’s Salsa Autentica! Trust me when I say you’ll be thanking me!
This is officially my go-to summer snack. I’m already planning a get together at my place just so I can serve these to everyone invited! It’s THAT good & AFFORDABLE!

| Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser |

& Glow Tonic To-Go

If you’re looking for a good facial cleanser and exfoliator that won’t break that bank, then I highly recommend checking out Pixi’s Glow Mud Cleanser ($18) & Glow Tonic To-Go ($18).

I find Pixi’s Glow Mud Cleanser to be surprisingly soothing and gentle on my dry skin for being a deep pore cleansing mud. I’ve been using this both AM & PM and not only am I obsessed with the scent (it reminds me of a light almond/cherry scent), but I LOVE how smooth my skin feels afterward. Another bonus: the tube comes with a generous amount of product!
I then follow up with Pixi’s Glow Tonic To-Go! Pixi’s original Glow Tonic is one of their absolute best selling products, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test out their To-Go variation. These travel friendly pads are pre-soaked in their Glow Tonic formula and work to instantly revitalize my skin prepping it for my serum and moisturizer by toning, brighting, hydrating and exfoliating.

| ChilledCow Lo-fi Hip Hop Playlist|

If you’re looking for some chill beats to help you ease you into work mode, this playlist that streams live on YouTube 24/7 is definitely worth giving a shot.

Since discovering this YouTube channel (thanks to Brian and his obsession with Reddit) I’ve been MUCH more productive, find that I am able to focus longer and work more efficiently. Plus, I love me some good lo-fi hip hop!

Prefer Spotify? Listen to a similar playlist here.

Slip on those headphones, bop your head to the beat and get into the zone!


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