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May 24, 2017

Happy Wednesdays, lovelies! It’s time for Lisa Loves… 

where I share my favorite anythings & everything’s of the week!

In today’s post we’ll be chatting:

Aveda Tulasara Masques | Our Lila Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top | Colourpop Mama Ultra Matte Lip

| Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque & Eye Overnight |

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There’s so much to say about these amazing masques, but I’ll make it quick!

I’ve been using both the face & eye mask for months now and the results are beautiful!

Because I’m trying to make each of these products last as long as possible I use them 1x-2x’s a week before bed, but if I had unlimited funds, I’d absolutely use both masks every single night!

As mentioned in last week‘s post, my skin has been drrrry and Aveda Tulasara’s super duper hydrating formula is a miracle worker! By morning my skin looks brighter, more even, firmer and the eye masque diminishes the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes.

Love the thought of waking up to skin perfect enough for your wedding day on an regular basis?! You definitely want to check these masks out!

Learn more about these awesome products & their amazing ingredients here.

| Lila Layered Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top |

Great white tops are my obsession all year round and our Lila Top is my ultimate pick for the season!

There’s something so fresh, whimsical and feminine about this layered linen top with gorgeous off the shoulder ruffle sleeves. It’s straight out of a dream!

White tops pair so well with virtually any bottoms in any color & that’s one of the many reasons this cutie is too good to pass up!

Pair it with these fun and chic rust wide leg sailor pants, take it down a notch with our favorite mojo skinny jeans, or keep it casual with our new high roller denim shorts.

| Colourpop Mama Ultra Matte Lip |

My first Colourpop product ever & it’s a goodie!

I received this Ultra Matte Lip in my goodie bag at Create + Cultivate NYC & it’s EXACTLY the color I’ve been looking for to sport over the summer months (and into fall!)

This burnt orange lipstick is very pigmented, long lasting & not AS drying as other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.

Yesterday was the first day I had worn Mama for a full-day and after eating and much chatter, I checked in on my lipstick a couple of times thinking I needed a reapplication. To my surprise, I didn’t need to touch up at all! 

By 7pm, I did experience a bit of dryness and had to clean up my lipstick a bit (but not reapply)  to get rid of a little flakeyness that did occur, but I have to say– for the price and for how long I wore the product without having to add another layer of lipstick–it’s really darn good!


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  • Jillian Rodriguez

    I’ll have to check out the the Tulasara mask and eye cream! I’ve actually been looking for an eye cream – I’ve never used one before but I feel like I’m getting to the age where I need to step up my skincare regimen.

    • Lisa

      I seriously cannot go without an eye cream or my under eye area suffers 🙁 The wedding masque eye cream is wonderful as an intense over night treatment! It’s SO good 🙂

  • Jackie

    I have to bite the bullet and buy that Aveda Eye Masque! I’ve been dying to try it.

  • Mel Califano

    I love Colourpop! I’ve tried there Lippi Stix, Super Shock Shadows, and Ultra Satin Lips. You can’t beat their quality or their price. I wish I was brave enough to try the Mama Ultra Matte but I need to build up to brighter colors. But give me a rosy nude any day and I’m good : )

    • Lisa

      Mama is such a fun color! I haven’t tried anything else from colourpop but have a few super shock shadows in my cart 😉 Although, I shouldn’t be buying ANY shadows 😛 I may bite the bullet soon!

  • Lindsey Minton

    I love ColourPop! The lip glosses are really pigmented and not too sticky! The satin finish lips are better than the matte, but both are great for the price! The pressed shadows are amazing as well! You def have to try a lot more from ColourPop because they have amazing products for an even more amazing price! 🙂


    • Lisa

      Oooo, Lindsey! Thank you so much for the recommendations! I’ll keep them in mind for the future 😉 You’ve sold me!

  • Kaley Anzaldo

    Oh my gosh those rustic wide leg pants are to die for! Love your style girl! That burnt orange lipstick is too fun!

  • Erin

    Okay first, LOVE the ruffled top!!? Second, I have what feels like a thousand Colourpop lipsticks including that color and it’s sooo stunning! Such a good deal for a lipstick that lasts pretty long.

  • Kelli

    I’ve been putting off trying Colourpop for so long because I’m always so overwhelmed by the selection on their website. This might be the final push though. I’m going to have to just dive in! That cold shoulder top…. in love. I love the idea of tops like that because I can still wear a bra, while not just wearing a plain old top. I love this look!!

    • Lisa

      Kelli! I am so with you about feeling overwhelmed by the selection! I keep adding things to my cart but have yet to checkout! You’re so right about cold shoulder tops! Much easier to wear than off the shoulder! 😉

  • Amanda

    LOVE the Lila top!!

  • Marisol Garcia

    Love the Top !!!! And totally going to have to check out the Masque !!!! My skin probably needs it

  • Jordan delaney

    I also have very dry skin and am always looking for new products to try out for this. I’m also getting married next year;) I’ll definitely be buying the eye and face masks to try out!

  • Jillian H

    Great recommendations! You’re style is so cute! Want to try that Mama lippie!

    • Lisa

      Aww! Thank you, love! That mama lippie is SO pretty & different from other orange-y shades I’ve come across!

  • Mercedes Rios

    You can’t beat colour pop for that price<3

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