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March 14, 2017



You know the feeling you get when you just know deep down in your gut that although you’ve had little to no interaction with someone, whether its a classmate, a co-worker or even a person from an Instagram account you follow–you just KNOW that you’d get along with one another and connect with each other on so many levels?

You know what I mean, right?

Well, one of those people for me is Tamera Darden of Darden Creative.

The Style Theory and Tamera Darden of Darden Creative 

I got to know a teeny bit about Tamera after joining a Facebook group for us NYC gals who were a part of Hilary Rushford’s Happy Hour Coterie!

Last summer we met up in person for the very first time. What was intended to be an hour get together over coffee turned EASILY into 3+ hours! (Isn’t it the best when that happens?) We had WAY more than I ever anticipated in common (Bronx ladies in the house!!!!) and hit it off as if we’d been hanging out for years!

From a distance (before meeting), we witnessed one another go through the self-doubt, trials and tribulations that often come with perfectionism and starting your own business and together we’ve witnessed one another & our business’ blossom into something so extraordinaire, and have truly supported one another along the way!

As Tamera says, “community is the source of your strength“, and she’s definitely been just that for me!

I’m so proud of this woman, I adore her confidence, her willingness to share and it’s been SUCH a joy to witness her amazing business grow!

Hey Loves!

I am Tamera Darden, the founder and creator of Darden Creative: a boutique digital agency that provides visual content services for brands and digital influencers.

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In other words, my team and I create captivating content for your brand deserving of a double tap and dollar signs. *wink* Darden Creative has been commissioned to create content for brands including Macys, Harpers Bazaar and The Laundress.

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Before Darden Creative, I was a fashion stylist assistant. I had the opportunity to work on some cool projects for Ralph Lauren, Mens Health and Rockport shoes. However, I was overworked and stressed. Moreover, I was tired of chasing checks! So I took a step back and focused on what I enjoyed about styling. Furthermore, I noticed that in order to have a successful business, one needed to have a strong visual presence on social media.

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I used my why as ammunition to go full force with Darden Creative. A year into business, I wanted to share what I learned with other tidbits with other creative, savvy entrepreneurs and women and I launched, the Find Your Light Creative Conference! The conference is a full day of panels and workshops that help creatives cultivate their visual identity and content. I must truly say, that I have found my passion and purpose.

My journey to visual content strategy and creation is a long a winding one. And I certainly will not bore you with the non-IG worthy details: long nights, empty bank accounts, crocodile tears. But in my 3 years away from a 9 to 5 and now almost 2 years in business, there a few things I know for sure.

1.) Your Community is the source of your strength. The company you keep can make or break your spirit. It is truly important to have the right influences around you, especially while building your business. Im so happy to have found fellowship with my amazing college girlfriends (weve been friends for almost 12 years!), my grandmother and other amazing women, such as Lisa. Their positive reinforcement will help you get out of a dark place or when you feel like you cannot keep going.

2.) The worst anyone can say is No. I learned this lesson early on while I was wardrobe styling. There will be many doors that do not open. Many! However, do not let that deter you from pursuing your dreams. Hearing no and moving on, allows you to build confidence and improve your self esteem. It sounds counterintuitive, I know. But the Nos I heard, helped prepare me for the major Yess (Macys & Harpers Bazaar).

3.) Always remember your Why. This is so so so important. Remember why you started on your journey. A lot of people who pursue entrepreneurship will have an intangible reason for why they started their business. It is usually a feeling or their intuition. I knew I wanted to be creative, share my gifts with the world and experience a level of freedom I knew I would not have with a full time position. Understanding the why and the root will always keep you optimistic about the future. Focus on the inner & outer work and look forward to the future!


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