#BigTalkSundays: What was your childhood dream?

March 12, 2017

Fast-forward to the very beginnings of The Style Theory and you’ll see that building an amazing, supportive, awe-inspiring community has been a long time dream of mine!

I love sharing my stories and my journey with you all, but I love and appreciate it even more when you share your stories with me!

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You’ll be some of the first to know that this year, we have plans to transform TST and TSTCollective.com into a major #girlpower haven and an in effort to brainstorm this new, exciting direction and come up with some killer ideas, I stumbled upon a Tedx Talk with Kalina Silverman entitled “How to Skip the Small Talk and Connect With Anyone” and grew so inspired by the concept of “Big Talk” that I purchased her deck of BIG TALK question cards and knew I had to implement this idea into the blog at some capacity!

So, let’s skip the small talk & get to it!

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Welcome to #BigTalkSundays!

In an effort to have more meaningful conversation and get to know one another on a deeper level, every other Sunday I’ll pick a random card from the deck of Big Talk cards, answer the given question & would love to hear your answers in the comments as well!

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This Sunday’s question:

What was your childhood dream? 

This may be hysterical to a number of you, but my childhood dream was to be a DIVA!

I was such an introverted little girl and because of this I kept to myself for the majority of my childhood.

I can honestly say, that for a number of years, I was my own best friend.

Some days I’d pretend to be a secretary wrapping transparent Scotch tape around the tips of my fingers to create the effect of long nails, and pretend to clank away at a keyboard and write masses of post-it messages jotting down missed calls for my “boss”. Other days I’d huddle in the corner of my room with my baby doll wrapped tightly in a blanket asking for change from “passersby” and whisper to my “baby” that everything was going to be alright, which is incredibly sad and bizarre thinking back on it 😥 (yep! I was a pretty complex child.)

But, my favorite thing of all was imagining I was the next Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey!

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I remember finding a CD, that I believe was my moms, and I would play it over and over and over again! I was convinced it was a Grammy’s Nominee Album from the late 80’s and I’ve scoured the internet trying to find it the exact album, but had no luck, so perhaps it was a mixed tape.

Anyhow, this CD had three songs that I am obsessed with till this day!

I Wanna Dance with Somebody– Whitney Houston

River Deep, Mountain High– Celine Dion’s version, but Tina is forever my girl!

*All Around the World– Lisa Stansfield

*If I had to sing one song for the rest of my life, All Around the World would be it!

When my mom would go for a quick run to the grocery store, I’d shut the vertical blinds, grab my hair brush, crank up our at home stereo system and SANG to all three of these songs as many times as I could before she’d come back home!

I’m literally laughing quietly at myself thinking back on how interesting of a child I was and reliving these very moments  😆 

Has it changed?

Sorta, kinda! I think there will always be the desire there to be a triple threat. I did work on achieving this dream, at a very.  slow. pace. throughout the years. 

I danced quite a bit from 2nd-6th grade and sang in the church choir, with a small acting bit during one of our holiday skits, somehow found the courage to audition for the Pace University BA Acting program and somehow got in with very little experience, was in a band for a hot minute performing weekly with a group of cool dudes at a lounge near Union Square, so there’s been some fulfillment of my childhood dream  😛 

I’d like to think there’s still a little diva in me, but I wouldn’t trade doing what I do now and having my business for anything in the world!

Now, I want to hear from you!

What was your childhood dream & has it changed?!

I can’t wait to hear your responses in the comment section and am so looking forward to our next #BigTalkSundays!

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  • Love this post! My childhood dream was to be an astronaut. I, apparently, have always been a nerd at heart. It changed pretty early and I got more interested in the science aspect of it. I wanted to be an astronomer and I’d make use of the fancy new AOL connection I had to search for pictures of distant stars. I went through several other dreams and, I think, will have a few more before my time is done dreaming. Right now my dream is to tell a story through whatever medium I’m drawn to and to make comfortable living doing it so that I can travel the world!

    • Lisa

      Brian, thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s so incredibly sweet & I love that you are a constant dreamer! Never lose sight of that 🙂


  • Taylor Lien

    My childhood dream, and I’m only 19 has been to be a writer. I remember from the time I was young that I said I wanted to write books, and with a little bit of prodding from an encouraging teacher, I decided to peruse my dream and major in English and digital media leadership at university. The latter is a digital marketing major and isn’t exactly a backup plan, but more an alternative career path. I think my dream has changed because of the way that I found I love social media and marketing. After university I’m hoping to work in marketing for publishing, while writing on the side. Here’s to hoping that I can work for all my dreams!

    • Lisa

      Taylor! Thank you so much for sharing! It seriously brings me so much joy hearing the stories of others 🙂

      I’ll never forget the encouraging forces in my life, especially within the school system. What an impact they can have on our lives! We are so blessed to have people in our lives who see our potential and give us the little push we sometimes need toward it!

      Social media is definitely changing the game and I see a happy medium between both majors! I know you can do it!


  • ilijacfashion

    Great post, I very like your combination, fantastic 🙂

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  • Jenny

    When I was little I used to joke that I wanted to be a fire truck, because they were important and loud. I grew up with a mom who said you could do and be whatever you wanted. I wasn’t an academic sonthat was sort of out, but I was extremely creative. As I got older I floated around until what I was supposed to be fell into my lap. The work to get there was arduous, and though I never became a fire truck I am important and quite loud.

    P.S. I love this idea and I love all that you represent. Thank you for giving a voice to girls/women

    • Lisa

      I LOVE this response so much! I think this is the first time I’ve heard of someone wanting to be something outside of an actual “profession”. And you are so right! The work you do is IMPORTANT and LOUD! You’re the best, Jenny! Thank you for sharing!


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