February 7, 2017

Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV & Lisa Rosado of The Style Theory


Ladies, if you’ve been following The Style Theory from the very beginning, it’s no secret that I’ve had a MAJOR love affair with Birchbox since its inception in 2010!

Of course, surprise beauty products in the mail every month is reason enough to fall in love with the brand, but I fell even harder as I got to know the amazing women behind the subscription box that lifted my spirits each and every month. From their products to their brand mission–I felt like Birchbox & the Birchbox team truly embodied all that I strive to be as an individual, within the blogging community and as a future business owner. Rachel Jo Silver is hands down one of those amazing women!



If you’re an OG Birchbox subscriber, you’re no stranger to Rachel, BB’s very much adored former Head of Social Media, who had been working her magic around the clock both behind the scenes and in front of the camera at the Birchbox headquarters from 2012-2016! Meeting her for the first time a couple of years ago was something out of a dream!

Aside from being the charismatic, relatable, extremely knowledgable, cute-to-boot, powerhouse woman that she is, I was especially drawn to Rachel after learning that she too had left her full-time job and an industry she had been a part of for numerous years to embark on the journey of running her GENIUS business, Love Stories TV, full-time!

If there’s one part of Rachel’s story we hope you’ll take away with you today it’s this amazing piece of advice from Rachel herself:

“If you have an idea that you can’t stop thinking about, research it! See if it makes sense. Ask people. Don’t just say ‘Oh! Somebody’s probably already thought of that’ because maybe they haven’t”

Hi! I’m Rachel Jo Silver the founder of Love Stories TV: The place to watch and share wedding videos.

I left my full-time job as the Director of Content Strategy and Social Marketing in the Spring of 2016 to launch lovestoriestv.com — and it’s been a wild ride so far! Let me tell you my story:

I was the first person hired to do social media at Birchbox, now known for having one of the largest and most engaged social communities in all of retail. It was a dream job! I worked with the best smartest people (many of whom I now count as my best friends) and the product was SO FUN. I mean, we were teaching our peers how to use beauty products — such a blast. I can’t put a dollar amount on the incredible, career building experiences I gained from working under the co-founders Hayley and Katia and my managers Deena and Mollie. In fact, I hold my coworkers at Birchbox in such high regard that the first hire I made at Love Stories TV was to bring on another Birchbox alum Vanessa! (but we’ll get to that).

At Birchbox we spent our time trying to find smart and engaging ways to educate our customers about the products that arrived in their monthly boxes so that they would eventually buy the full-size versions from Birchbox. How can you fall in love with a Beauty Blender if you don’t know how to use it properly (spoiler alert: you need to soak it in water!). Video was a huge part of our strategy because beauty is visual and we wanted to show our customers how to use their products and allow them to get to know us personally so that our recommendations would be trusted.

Meanwhile, it’s 2013 and I get married and all my friends are getting married too. I had basically 0 to do with my wedding — I just showed up. Literally I hadn’t been to the venue until I flew into Michigan the week of the wedding. My mom and grandmother have PERFECT taste and love to throw parties and they did the entire thing. They’re amazing. So, my mom calls me to ask if I want a wedding video and I say “nah that’s ok” and we don’t think about it again.

The Fifth Label Pave the Way Playsuit
Right after my wedding I remember seeing my friends Aaron and Michelle’s wedding video — they were married also in Michigan six weeks after my husband and I. And then, I remember seeing my friends Kyle and Sabrina’s wedding video and something started to click — these films are AMAZING. They’re cinematic, they’re real, if you’re planning a wedding what could possibly give you more ideas, inspiration, or help you research venues, vendors, and designers than seeing them in a video? And, even if you’re not wedding planning, who doesn’t love a good love story? Told to you in 4-7 minutes. I started to ask around and found out that all of my friends were secretly watching wedding videos — but they couldn’t really name where they were finding them, and they definitely couldn’t watch them in any organized way.

So I did a lot of research, and my husband and I build a very simple version of what we thought the site could be. We released it into the wild, worked on it every night and all weekend, learned a lot, made adjustments, and after a few months we could see that the idea was taking off. And, as they say, the rest is history. It was hard to leave Birchbox because I loved everyone there so much, and it was scary to go out on my own because, “What if I fail?”. But when you can’t quit an idea, you can’t quit an idea. So I had to go for it 🙂
I hope if you’re reading this you’ll check out lovestoriestv.com and share your wedding video with us if you have one.



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