There’s Nothing Small About Starting a Small Business

January 24, 2017

Lisa Wearing ASTR Velma Camel Moto Jacket and Grey Beanie Hat

ASTR Velma Moto Jacket from, Lena & Lina Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Smother

There’s nothing small about running a small business and this is a lesson I’ve learned throughout my almost year-long journey of being a solopreneur!

I often find that I do need to take a step back to reflect on and appreciate all of the accomplishments TST has made in less than one short year. It’s very easy to become impatient with the process because you are so passionate about what you do & truly want to succeed that you can get lost in all that you have yet to accomplish.

Lisa of The Style Theory Wearing the ASTR Velma Camel Moto Jacket, The Fifth Label Asymmetrical Denim Skirt, Plaid Scarf and Beanie with Coffee in Hand

ASTR Velma Jacket, The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Skirt & Striped Long Sleeve Destination Tee available at Shoes: Intentionally Blank

In an effort to be kinder to myself, to the process and in hopes of learning to be more present, I’m making a note to myself to be more mindful of when I’m being hard on myself and learning to pat myself on the back for how far I’ve come! <3

Close up of Lisa Wearing the Black Carmen Crossbody Bag with studs and fringe from

Black Carmen Crossbody Bag available at

Speaking of being more mindful, this applies to every aspect of my life! I’ve dedicated the last week to decluttering in attempt to get more organized and in more of a routine and schedule (Check out my POSHMARK ACCOUNT HERE! Lots of goodies sold, but lots more to come!). Although, this is going to take me some time, I just know that getting my closet, home & business in order is going to relieve me of so much stress and help me propel my business forward (especially since I work most often from my apartment)!

Image Collage with 2 pictures of Lisa. One posing wearing the ASTR Velma Moto Jacket over her shoulder and showing off the bell sleeves on her striped long sleeve destination top

ASTR Velma Jacket, Striped Long Sleeve Destination Top, Black Carmen Crossbody 

I’ve noticed that I only wear about 90% of my closet since launching TST Collective! Like, I RARELY step foot into my closet, which is an indication that I need to do away with the majority of my wardrobe and feel strongly about only hanging onto items I’m so crazy in love with, that make me feel amazing, that I can easily mix and match and that I can’t stop reaching for: i.e. THIS ENTIRE LOOK from the shop! 🙂

Lisa walking forward looking in the distance wearing her moto jacket over her shoulder, hanging onto her purse and looking in the distance

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Skirt, Striped Long Sleeve Destination Top, Black Carmen Crossbody

It’s time to reflect on the original message behind The Style Theory & get back on board with the idea of


Throughout the year, I’m going to be sharing my personal tips on how to get organized, reduce your stress levels, pamper yourself, style tips to help make dressing a breeze, why I’ve decided to move forward with only purchasing cruelty-free products (prepare for a major makeup purge!), highlight brands I think you oughta know about, share the stories of incredible women with inspiring careers and journeys, we’ll discuss my favorite products & so much more!

Lisa looking over her shoulder wearing the ASTR CAMEL VELMA MOTO JACKET and grey knit beanie

Let’s not forget:


Are you with me?!


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