What to Wear Underneath Fall Fashion with Hurray Kimmay!

September 22, 2016

Today we say HURRAY!!

I’m so incredibly excited and grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with bra expert, marketer and all around fabulous boss babe Kim of Hurray Kimmay!

When relaunching and rebranding as The Style Theory I had a vision of collaboration & community and I’m THRILLED to be moving forward with this notion with the amazing Kimmay as our very first TST guest-blogger & host of our POP-UP event!

Join Kim & I at our Pop-Up event Thursday September 29th from 5-8pm in Astoria for drinks and snacks, fall fashions and a special one night discount, girl boss talk, giveaways, fun times + an exciting announcement!

RSVP required! Grab your girlfriend & sign-up here!

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As you know, The Style Theory & TST Collective is all about discovering what it is in life that makes us say HURRAY! Whether through fashion, beauty or lifestyle–we encourage and hope to empower women all across the globe to surround themselves with whatever those things may be in order to create a life of utmost happiness, which we all SO deserve!

One area that I feel is completely overlooked is how incredible your undergarments should & can make you feel! Ever wonder what bra to wear underneath pieces that are sheer, something with lace-up detailing (which is so on trend right now!) or off the shoulder? Hurray Kimmay is here to save the day with her incredible bra expertise!

Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look of our amazing photo/video shoot with photographer Corinne Louie & videographer Lawrence Page with a few tips from Kim herself, plus a more in depth post below with links to all of the amazing products mentioned!

Take it away, Kimmay!

Hurray and hello!

I’m Kimmay, and I have helped thousands of women find comfort and happiness in their bras. I mean it. From AA to N cup sizes. And you know what I’ve found? What we wear underneath our clothes matters. A well fitting bra not only looks good, it feels good, helps you stand tall and lead with your heart, and (in my own words) say hurray! I love the new Fall fashions at The Style Theory shop, so I’m styling what I’d wear underneath them.

Look #1: TSTxCFSC Swiss Dot Chiffon Top


A sheer, lady-like blouse is a must have for me. I love to wear them! If the sheerness is a turn-off for you, you can always wear a camisole underneath. If you’re feeling a little more daring, try a beautiful bra underneath that you intend to show. To keep things classic, I paired the blouse with a simple and comfortable pair of black ponte pants from peach. Then I matched this look with a darling bralette from Calvin Klein that has deep teal satin sides and lots of black lace. The black lace detail is really what shines here, but you can keep it as simple or ornate as you like.


There’s something so pleasurable about showing just a little bit of something sexy or naughty, while still staying chic and professional. As women, we are complex, sensual, and contradictory – and I think it’s totally OK to dress that way! Mix it up, take a teeny risk, and see what happens.


Look #2: TSTxCFSC Organza T-shirt Dress


I am so in love with this sheer tunic. It’s so simple and chic, which means you can dress it up and play around with what you wear over and underneath it. Usually I’d wear something more demure, but I decided to go bold and try an athleisure look here – just for fun. Lisa has totally inspired me to play more with my style!


I wore a vibrant pair of leggings from Fabletics, and a sports bra from Shock Absorber (one of the best sports bra brands out there) that’s just as vibrant. The hot pink and orange are soooo Hurray Kimmay colors, and made me feel happy just wearing them. And while I don’t suggest wearing your basic bras for exercise, no one says you can’t wear your sports bra out and about – especially when it’s as supportive and stylish as this one! Not to mention, athletic bras usually have a little more coverage and look less like traditional undergarments. A big plus if you’re testing out showing your bra off under something sheer. And with sports bras out there for just about everyone, this is a look you can try, too.


PS: This tunic would look ahhhhmazing with a bodysuit, bustier, or intricate lace bra underneath, too. Have some fun and test it out!

Look #3: Bri A-Line Lace Up Dress 


This pretty orange dress is such a great color for Fall. And the intricate lattice work up the sides makes it even more interesting… and tricky to wear. If you feel confident going without a bra, go for it! You can also wear a stick on bra, or nipple covers if you want a little bit of shape or coverage.


If going sans bra isn’t for you, you can go bold and wear a bra to show! Showing off a fun coordinating tone or pretty lace detail is my go-to. It’s such a surprising way to add a pop of color and keep things interesting. I chose a lacey bralette from Fleur’t in a bold blue. Fleur’t has a whole line of bralettes and this one happens to be the Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Bralette. I love it because it has a little bit more coverage (both surface area wise, and because of a lining in the front), and gorgeous details and color. This color is from a past season, but the pretty pastels from this season are to die for, as well.


Underneath the skirt, I’m wearing a nifty little invention called “bumbrella”. It’s a seamless panty with a built-in slip. Perfect for those windy days, subway breezes, and twirls down the street. It’s just one of my favorite things to wear under skirts.

Look #4: Flowy Pinstripe Off the Shoulder Top


OK this trend is soooo hot right now, so I HAD to try it. And I’m not trying anything shoulder baring without first wearing a great strapless bra. I have fit women of all sizes for strapless bras, and owning a great one that fits well is possible. I promise.


I tested out a Prima Donna strapless bra and oh-my-hurray it fits so well! I’m wearing a 32DD here (it’s available for C to G cup sizes), and the shape, support, and comfort are out of this world. When you’re wearing a well fitting bra – strapless or not – you should be able to feel like you can dance, shimmy your shoulders, and say hurray without it falling, digging, or pinching. This one totally passes the shimmy test.


And even if your top is loose and flowy like this one, wearing the best bra for you underneath still matters. You’ll always look and feel your best when you wear something that fits well. Even if no one sees it – you’ll know you are wearing something awesome and treating your bust, your body, and your heart with love. And that, my friends, puts that pep in my step.

Hurray! What you wear underneath matters and is truly part of your outfit – whether it shows or not. And getting the best fit is the best way to say hurray in your lingerie. Hop over to my site and download my free video and guide with my Top 5 Bra Fit Tips. And I’m always happy to answer your bra and undergarment questions. Submit your own or send me a tweet!

PS: Don’t miss the TSTxHurrayKimmay event on September, 29th 2016 & be sure to check out my interview on HurrayKimmay.com where we chat my entrepreneurial journey in creating TST Collective + my tips on how to find your personal style, dressing from the inside out & more!

Lisa & Kim

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