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February 23, 2016

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Lately, I find myself complaining that there never seems to be enough hours in the day, yet I have a part-time job, which allows me to have time to focus on my business ventures (I’m officially a business owner! WHAT?!). Now, Lisa…let’s be real! How can you complain when you have a total of 4 days a week off a week (that’s 384 hours a month!!) to make magic happen?! Why is it such a challenge for you to pump out consistent content when you have MORE time than ever to share, collaborate and create?

I’ve come to realize that I’m having major issues managing my time!

I am the strangest excuse for a Virgo. I’m organized when I’m at work or when I’m in someone else’s space, but have been completely disorganized in my home and when it comes to my personal work. I find that I spend more time stressing about what needs to get done than actually being proactive and tackling my to-do lists one task at a time. This, in turn, makes me feel guilty about doing the things I enjoy, like hanging out with friends, watching my favorite TV shows or simply having a lazy day. 

In a state of complete overwhelm, I decided to search for time management tips online, because what can’t you find on google these days (plus, you’ll come to discover that I love all things self-help & motivational). A really insightful article popped up and as I was reading along, I experienced my first major “A-HA!” moment ever! This may seem like an obvious realization to some of you, but I feel this new mindset and way of working is going to be so crucial in helping me make the most of my time moving forward! I couldn’t wait to share it with other girl bosses who have a similar schedule and lifestyle, so here it is! Are you ready for it?! 

Treat 2 of those days off just as you would a 9-5 job!

(ding, ding ding!)

  • Wake up early
  • Get ready for the day just as you would before heading to “the office”
  • Clear a work space in your home and surround yourself with items that make you feel happy and your most productive. A few things that help get me going:  listening to light, happy music, lighting my favorite candle, having my copper lights near
  • If you work best outside of your home, head on over to your favorite local coffee shop, or how about a hotel lobby, or a park if the weather permits?
  • Fight the urge to frequently check your social media accounts. What do you really expect to gain from frequently checking how many likes you’re getting on your latest post? Think about how much time we could potentially be wasting by obsessively checking our accounts and missing out on the opportunity to spend that very time doing something that can actually help further our careers. I’m totally guilty here.
  • Make sure to take a “lunch break”. We don’t want to overextend ourselves and burn ourselves out! Nourish your body, relax your mind and perhaps now’s the time to go check on those instagram stats.
  • No work after 5pm or whichever time it is you decide to end your set work day. As a business owner, its important (yet challenging) to try to separate work from home/personal life, but the relationships we foster with ourselves and those we care about are just as important in keeping our sanity in check and our hearts happy as is the time we spend growing our business!

Sounds simple, right? Well, we’ll have to see how it goes, but I’m excited to put this new method of accomplishing work to practice. I’ll be sure to report back on the results!

As they say, we have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce and Oprah, but let us not forget that they’re at point in their careers where they have the luxury of having a whole team of people cranking those gears to keep them going! Rest assured, we’re working more efficiently toward making that our reality! #AmIRight, ladies? 😉 



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