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January 14, 2016

Photos: Corinne Louie

2014 was all about discovering my inner strength, following my intuition, learning to let go of what was tampering with my spirit and making adjustments toward letting old habits die hard.

In 2015, I began to form my tribe, invest in myself and my happiness and I began to listen to my heart.

2015 was honestly one of the most full-filling years to date in terms of my personal journey toward self-disovery & growth.

I’ve known for quite sometime that I wanted to start my own business, but had no idea where to truly begin and where on earth I would pull resources from to make my dreams of grandeur (or so it seemed at the time) a reality!

I had learned about an online business program called B-School through my dear friend and former life & career coach, Alionka Polanco, in 2014, but didn’t put much effort into researching what B-School was and what it had to offer until 2015! I believe that timing is everything and B-School could not have come into my life at a greater time!

Now, I’ll be honest! I have yet to finish the program from top to bottom, but the knowledge, insight and self-awareness I have gained throughout my B-School journey has virtually (pun totally intended!) changed my life! Now that I have an even clearer picture of the life and business I am working toward building for myself, I can’t wait to dive back into B-School to dig even deeper and create an even more solid foundation for TST. Shout out to the amazing mastermind and business woman that is Marie Forleo! I highly recommend checking out her YouTube videos for your weekly dose of business inspiration, which will kick your butt into high-gear!

Throughout my soul-searching and learning what it means to have a purpose driven business, I couldn’t ignore that fact that I truly want to help others. It’s always been a huge part of what makes me who I am, but I had issues turning my, what others might consider, “superficial” interests in the beauty and fashion world into something more meaningful, because its always held a deep meaning for me. Something far more beyond the surface.

Growing up, I felt the need to “fit in” to my surroundings, but knew I wasn’t being true to myself. I was so insanely shy and had major issues letting people into my life. I had two close friends my 13 years growing up in the Bronx, (Hi Lisa M. & Tina S.!) and felt the closest to who I was when I was with them. They were the ones who shared my love of Sailor Moon, *NSYNC, Limited Too, Morning Glory and Linkin Park, which was a bit out of the norm where we grew up. They were the only two friends I exposed to my home life, which was less than ordinary. You see, kids can be incredibly mean, so having a little sister who is mentally and physically disabled was very difficult for me to share with my peers.

I felt the need to try to dress like everyone around me, listen to what everyone else listened to, pretend I was interested in what everyone else what interested in, all along, fully knowing, I wasn’t being true to myself. I was trying to fit into the mold to stay under the radar and would spend the majority of my time feeling sad and sorry for myself. This affected my self-worth, my mental health and my education. I get really emotional when I think about little Lisa, but I want her to know that everything will be more than alright, how strong she truly is and how much her individuality matters.

In High School, mid Freshmen year, I made the bold move to pack my bags and head to Connecticut to live with my aunt & uncle to allow myself a fresh start. I can’t express enough how big of a decision this was for me to make at 13 years old. I hardly knew them and practically clung to my mother’s legs at all times, so this was HUGE! I was entering unknown territory, moving away from all that I knew, but I somehow knew that it was the right thing to do.

That little house a top that little mountain withheld a sort of magic I can’t really explain. 

In that little house I was taught that it’s totally acceptable to be ME and was encouraged to explore what that meant for myself. I had been exposed to world music, foods I had never tried, dressed myself in all sorts of fashions, sometimes cooky, sometimes cool, discovered how to achieve my signature cat-eye and my love of expressing myself through fashion and beauty, started an online journal, tapped into my love of the arts in all forms and so much more. Despite LOATHING no longer having the accessibility & diversity that New York had previously exposed me to, those were some of the most beautiful times of my life- up in that little house, on that little hill, with my little family. I am forever grateful for my aunt, uncle & little cousin. I can’t thank them enough for welcoming into their home with open arms.

By my senior year of High School, I was the most confident I had ever been and began to open myself up to others. There was still much internal work to be done and its a continuous journey, but I remember that time being completely liberating for me. I knew that slowly, but surely, I was coming out of my shell, but I had no idea, despite all of the ups and all of the downs, what an amazing journey would lie ahead of me.

For the 1st half of my life, not feeling like myself on the outside, was 100% effecting what was happening on the inside. As I grow older with every passing year, I continue to discover the importance of embracing who you are and the road that follows along with it. I’m the type of person that believes we all have something incredibly special and unique to offer this world and encourage everyone to tap into whatever that may be whole heartedly. Once you begin to put yourself and your happiness first, the world is yours for the taking! That limitless feeling is one of the greatest, most exhilarating, freeing experiences and you are so worthy of creating that life for yourself!

So, I started LisaRosado.com, which was once home to my acting website, but as my career path began to shift, I decided to make my long-time idea of starting a blog a reality as an outlet for myself since I was unhappy with certain areas in my life and as a means to meet others with similar interests. I can’t express enough the amazing relationships I’ve formed throughout the process and have absolutely no regrets starting a blog, but within the last year of my blogging “career”, something felt off about blogging under my given name and categorizing myself as a fashion and beauty blog, when I was longing for something bigger and longed for a deeper meaning.

Throughout B-School, I toyed around with the idea of becoming a personal stylist, but I want to help people on a grander scope. I began to dig deeper thinking back on my journey and the words “style” and “happy” kept playing over and over in my head. While this was going on for months, I realized that I wanted to transition my blog into more of a lifestyle centric blog (which can span every topic imaginable), to share more of myself with you all and talk about any and every topic that has value and truly matters to me.

So, I had the fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog down, I had finally decided on a name that I was so excited about, but, the name had been purchased by domain squatters trying to charge me a whopping $2,300 to simply own the .com! It took me awhile to let go, but in ranting to my boyfriend Brian about what I want my revamped blog to be about and my manifesto of sorts: how I wanted this to be just as much about my readers as it is about me, how I wanted to create a safe space for everyone to talk about whatever it is that truly mattered to them, the concept of viewing life & style as one entity, how I wanted to truly make an impact, how I didn’t want to limit myself anymore, how I wanted others to invest in themselves and their happiness, just as much as I continue to learn to. I mean, I went on and on about “my style theory”, when he stopped me and said “That’s it! That’s the name!”. And hence, The Style Theory was born.

The process of getting here took me an entire year and I couldn’t have done it without a wonderful team of people: my incredible love, BrianOlivia Herrick for designing my amazing logo, Amanda O’Brien for helping me build this beautiful new website, Corinne Louie for her gorgeous photography, Alionka Polanco for opening my eyes and showing me that I have what it takes to go the extra mile and to all of my incredible friends, family and supporters who have believed in me and are just as excited about this new venture as I am!

The Style Theory is a community comprised of us wonderful, ever-changing, ever-growing human beings on a mission to live out life as the happiest version of ourselves. While we’ll still be chatting about the latest fashion and beauty must-haves, I hope you’ll join me on this journey toward digging even deeper into what it means for each and every one of us to work toward styling our lives–as a whole–happy:)



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