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March 28, 2015

Happy Saturday, my loves!
I may not have a ton of followers, but those who have been loyal to me may be wondering why I haven’t been posting nearly as much. Or maybe no one has really noticed at all! I’m going through a major transition right now & am allowing myself the time to get really clear on what I want, why I want it & what I see for LisaRosado.com in the future.

I’ve owned this domain name since my acting days. After realizing where my true passion lies (that being fashion & beauty) & my yearning for a creative outlet as means of connecting with others, this blog was born. Nearly two years into blogging I’ve discovered that it’s been an awesome ride & a major learning experience, but I can’t help but feel like I went slightly off track & lost sight of why I truly started this little space on the worldwide web. Partially because I couldn’t help but play the comparison game (comparing myself to other bloggers), partially because taking 10 minutes out of myself & my boyfriends schedule to take pics was the easiest route, LisaRosado.com became more about snapping photos of myself in outfits I styled for myself in hopes that someone would get some sort of inspiration out of it and less about getting a conversation started.

I felt myself become more & more bitter as the last few months had gone by & found that I had become increasingly hard on myself. It was becoming less & less enjoyable for me, but I truly missed blogging and all the sparkly feelings & joy it brought me when I first began. As a result, I really started to dig deep & have been up to some major soul-searching. I’ve become clearer on my vision, and while taking this leap is absolutely terrifying, I’ve never been more excited or certain!

  • I want my blog to be a major source of inspiration.
  • I want my blog to be a safe space where conversations are started.
  • I want to interact with my readers & followers.
  • I want to collaborate with amazing designers/brands/entrepreneurs/artists/women/visionaries.
  • I want to “style women happy” in several aspects of their lives.
  • I want women to feel confident & unstoppable.
  • I want to empower women.
  • I want this to be something greater than myself.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a hermit, but this past Friday I left my apartment a couple of hours early to head into Manhattan & allow myself time to explore before I had to head to a few meetings. With my camera in tow, my head & my heart first led me to Chelsea, where I perused through the market, popped into Story then made my way to the West Village. I took my time and fully immersed myself in the environment, which is something I am guilty of not doing enough in the hustle & bustle of every day city life. I began taking pictures of whatever inspired me as I wandered about and it felt so utterly amazing! I find it difficult for me to disconnect from all of my gadgets and am learning that it’s necessary for me to do so every now & then. Learning to be more present & in-tune with my surrounding is one of my personal goals.

After some major “me time” exploring my native city, I met up with my lovely friend & jewelry designer Amanda of MANDA unchained, who I haven’t seen in years (she relocated to Spain) and seriously had one of the best conversations I’ve had in a very long time. The girl just gets me & I can’t thank her enough for all of her support throughout the years. We caught up over Thai food, wandered around Nolita & ended up at a sweet little cupcake shop on the corner of Prince & Mott St. I’m not going to lie, my heart broke a little by the end of our time together not knowing when I would see her next. I already miss her so much, but I’m looking forward to building an even closer relationship with her in the future 🙂

Next on my schedule: meeting for cocktails at The Smith at Lincoln Center with a couple of badass female entrepreneurs working hard to make a name for themselves in their industries. My day got even better! We had such an easygoing, empathic, supportive, insightful conversation with absolutely no egos in the mix & it was just what the doctor ordered. It’s rare that I come across people who truly understand me, share similar ambitions and truly want to make the world a better place. It’s also rare to meet girls who genuinely want to lift you up & do whatever it is they can to help you get closer to reaching your goals & obtaining your dreams.

As I reflected on my day during the train ride back to Astoria, I felt so much joy and knew that this was how I want to spend the majority of my days–surrounded by empowering women who, in return, empower one another! It gives me chills just thinking about it!

I have a lot of plans in the works, so I ask that you bear with me a bit throughout the process. Just know that I am not only taking this time to fulfill my dreams & what I’m truly passionate about, but I’m doing this for YOU & with YOU in mind. I’m excited to go on this incredible journey & hope that you’ll join me for the ride.



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