Photo Diary: A Day at the Saratoga Springs Race Course

September 5, 2014
Random Fact: 8 is my favorite number 🙂
This summer has been far busier than I had expected. Lots of weddings, event planning & traveling while trying to sort out what my next career move is. Not going to lie, it’s been a stressful, yet exhilarating transition (and most likely, completely necessary), so when the opportunity came to escape the city for the day, I jumped on it!
The amazing fashion blogger Courtney of Color Me Courtney invited me to this year’s #TogaTrip hosted by America’s Best Racing & the day turned out to be far more exciting than I had ever anticipated! A private coach bus, full of the most fabulous bloggers I’ve met to date, drove us up to Saratoga Springs, NY for a nearly 4 hour drive. Honestly, the trip felt way less with all the bonding that was happening on the way there! Plus we were way excited to see what was waiting for us at the race tracks!
Oh my gosh, guys! Saratago Springs is absolutely beautiful! The need to escape the city became apparent as soon as I set foot on the Saratoga Spring Race Course. The view is stunning & it didn’t hurt that were treated like the VIP for the entire day. We kicked off the day nomming down on a buffet table full of delicious eats & treats and unlimited mimosas, bellini’s and bloody mary’s, when Taylor Rice, star female jockey, came over to chat with us and answer any questions we may have about the races! I gained so much insight into horse racing from our little info session, which made me that more excited for the rest of the day!
After a little photo snapping session with my new gal pals, we headed down to the VIP Luxury Suites for a day literally on the tracks! Nothing like experiencing the races first hand in an air conditioned room 😉 We took our chances and placed our bets, while anxiously watching the races and cheering on our horses! After a couple of races, we headed down to the paddock where we got to meet some of the stars of the show! These horses were absolutely gorgeous and such a delight to see up close. One of them was kind enough to let us ladies snap a few pictures with him. Thank you, handsome sir 😉
The energy at the Saratoga Race Course is unreal. There is so much spirit and tradition, which I truly admire. Loads & loads of people hurry over to the race tracks over the weekend for a day of food, drinks, socializing and strategizing in hopes of their betting prayers being answered. I have a new found respect for the tracks and I know I will be back, dragging my most favorites along, for a day at the races!
Thank you so much to Dan of America’s Best Racing for planning such a wonderful, beautiful day at the Saratago Springs Race Course! Thanks to you I’ve met some of the most wonderful, supportive people while experiencing a once in a lifetime event!
For more pics of my awesome day at the tracks, visit my instagram page! 🙂


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