A Second Beginning

June 18, 2013

Lisa is excited for a new beginning

So, for at least 2 years I kept thinking to myself “I would love to start a blog” & I’m going to do just that. Like, starting right now.

The problem I came across the first time around was that I was trying to impress OTHERS. I would bug my boyfriend to take pictures of me using my S3 and every photo wasn’t “good enough”. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality, I wasn’t satisfied with the fact that I didn’t have a fancy backdrop & I wasn’t satisfied with how I looked. I didn’t know the exact direction I was headed in. I have a wide span of interests, yet I felt obligated & felt pressure to keep it fashion oriented since I work in the industry full time and If I wasn’t going to do it “right”, I wasn’t going to do it at all.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this whole blogging situation & all the “reasons” I came up with for not doing what I want to do and it all seems so silly to me now. You really are your own worst enemy & I say “no more!!!”. I want to blog about anything & everything my heart desires. This is my screw you to how I was feeling the last few months. I’m going to do this & I’m going to do it for MYSELF. Of course, all are welcome to join me on this unpredictable journey, just no more beating myself up. I’m tired of holding myself back. I simply want to share the things in life I enjoy most with people, perhaps meet some cool folks along the way & if I get lucky, inspire a handful.

And this is the second beginning…

Here I am in my room, with a distressed dresser as my backdrop, fresh out the shower with no makeup on (a big deal for someone who has trouble walking out the door without some concealer on) using my very own name as my dot com. Nothing fancy here.

I know this could bloom into something grander, but I have to continuously remind myself “Baby steps. No pressure. Do this for yourself”.

Cheers to that!

p.s. I’ve been using the Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner & I’m in love. Review to follow shortly.



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